The Green Mill is an Australian Owner/Operator (Father & Son Team) Enterprise.

Timber Flooring Production is not usually done by hand. It is a very mechanised industry these days. The Green Mill is an exception; our flooring is hand made, piece by piece using conventional joinery equipment and skills. This means the boards have the high quality of a piece of furniture or joinery.

Cleaton Schmidt is a qualified, licensed and experienced carpenter and joiner with 30 years experience. This has given him an insight into what makes a good timber floor: using well seasoned timber like recycled hardwood from demolition sites he has found produces the best results. Cleaton has been using this type of material to make high quality flooring for the last 15 years.

Architects, engineers and builders understand the benefits of using recycled hardwood. They know this material is more stable than new kiln dried flooring, not to mention the environmental aspects. Using reclaimed timber is a great way to reuse recycled hardwood rather than wasting it or sending it to landfill as well as enjoying a uniquely high quality product.

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